Retirement does not mean the same thing to Baby Boomers (1946-1964) as it did to the Mature/Silent generation.(1926-1946) Baby Boomers are retiring younger, living longer and healthier than any generation before them. Most of them are retiring with pensions or some type of retirement portfolio that should carry them through to old age They are active and still desire to play a productive roll in society. Many follow their dreams of opening a small business or having a hobby that generates income. The problem that exists is hat for the past several years they have been retiring at a rate of about 10,000 per day (3,650,000 per year) and we are just getting started. This trend of retirement still has about 15 years to go. As it is now retirement and assisted living facilities are maxed out and extremely expensive. Although many of these facilities are being constructed there is no way they will be able to handle the demand of what lies ahead. The new model that many Boomers are following is the retire at home concept. By planning ahead retirees can prepare their homes for the aging process while they still have the funds to do so.

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