About the owner

My endeavors over the past 35 years as a Tradesman and Realtor have given me an ability and knowledge that I attained through experience and practice. During the 80’s somewhat inspired by the Carter administrations fuel debacle, I became interested in energy conservation. This led me down the path of green home building and renovating concepts that are rapidly becoming the standard in today’s home industry. Unfortunately many of these concepts were never tested on older homes and led to major problems that took years to straighten out. As a carpenter and home renovator I understand the building concepts of these older homes and have the know how to introduce new technology into them properly without disrupting the warmth and charm that makes them so attractive. I’m continually educating myself. I  take  classes and get certified in areas of the trade that help my customers. In an effort to better serve the public I own several companies that all compliment each other. Health-e-Homes an energy auditing and environmental health company. Through testing we help people rectify energy deficiencies and bring awareness of interior environmental hazards in homes. Good Deed Realty I help buyers and sellers who desire these unique properties understand what they are getting into. I can also help you find a home that can be renovated to your liking. Another division of our company is Live Best at Home A company designed to help the handicapped and elderly gain greater access and ease of use to their residence with greater mobility, safety and comfort. I am here to answer any questions you may have so feel free to give me a call and we can talk about your classic home. Thank you for visiting today. You can also visit my Linked in Page for more information